Nokia 105 LCD ways

Nokia LCD ways for how to jumper wire from board to LCD connector
Nokia 105 LCD ways

BlackBerry Q10 LCD ways

Assess carefully on connector pin perhaps not on associated components in this sequence.
1. 2_2OLED_F to pin 28,30 2.2v.
2. 3_1OLED_F to pin 22,24 3.10v.
3. SYS_F to pin 3,5.(this is 3.6v battery volt.)
4. Datelines to pin 13,15,19,21,25,27.
5. LCD remainder to trap 31 via R2800 their should be 1.8v.

Just above pin employed by liquid crystal display.

Ensure your handset is fully in working in fully link adjust and pc. Its revealing red light simply.
you mentioned "after I eliminate the diode is heading to black display " before that you observed in in liquid crystal display in working fine?
BlackBerry Q10 LCD WAYS

HTC HD mini power button ways

HTC HD mini T5555 power button/switch line broken or line Vbat line missing? follow this below diagram are marked.

HTC HD mini T555 power ways
HTC T5555 power ways

HTC Desire A8181 Power key solution

HTC Desire and Nexus Power button line broken or missing just follow HTC desire power key ways solution.
HTC desire power key ways
HTC desire power key ways

Symphony W16 auto recovery / boot mode repair

Symphony W16 Auto recovery or boot mode showing when try to power on.
First: Clean as well volume +, -, power button.
Second: Remove corrupted capacitors marked below.
W16 auto_factory_mode.jpg
W16 auto_factory_mode

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