Symphony W16 auto recovery / boot mode repair

Symphony W16 Auto recovery or boot mode showing when try to power on.
First: Clean as well volume +, -, power button.
Second: Remove corrupted capacitors marked below.
W16 auto_factory_mode.jpg
W16 auto_factory_mode

Blackberry 9000 No power / Dead repair

Blackberry Bold 9000 dead no power or bricked repair
First: If no power, no response via USB cable on pc re-hot rebal power ic,
Second: If steel no change? change power ic from another blackberry board.

iPad 2 3G free iCloud unlock procedure

Hot! hot! iPad 2 3G iCloud remove solution is absolutely free. Actually it's a hardware operation to make unlock.
Note:This procedure only works with iPad 2 3G/cellular version. Make sure is it iPad 2 3G or WiFi? cellular version iPad 2 3G has imei in back side.
Also be careful, If you are unsure of your skills. Entrust this works to professionals.

  • Disassemble the iPad, Take out the motherboard.
  • Now Have to find resistors responsible for border_id remove them, you will turn off the modem and change identity of your iPad.

  • On the model A1396 (GSM) remove the resistor r1205. On the model A1397 (CDMA) remove the resistor r1205.
  • iPad will enter DFU mode.
  • Connect the iPad on PC or Mac.
  • After that you need to restore thought iTunes, with fair of the.

Samsung GT-P1000 Power and Volume- key ways

Samsung GT-P1000 volume mines and power key Problems solution.
P1000 power key and volume- key  repair guide diagram.
GT-P1000 volume mines and power key ways

iPhone 5S BlueScreen and error 14 solution

iPhone 5s bluescreen problem repair ways it's also works with itune restore error code: 14.
infamous blue screen/error 14 problem that usually appears after LCD changing or just disassembling the iPhone 5S.
So follow the below image to resolve it.

Sony Xperia Z backlight solution

Sony Xperia Z Backlight ways, Backlight problem, Backlight Jumper ways, Z1 Backlight repair solution

Nokia Lumia 900 schematic layout

Nokia Lumia 900 schematic service manual layout, If you can find Ics location, Network ics info, Antina ways, Mic ways, Speaker ways, Buzzer ways, Light ways, Backlight ways and much more.


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